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Kent Cricket Board celebrates a year of Chance to Shine Success

on Tuesday, 12 November 2013. Posted in Schools, Chance to Shine, Other News

Kent Cricket Board celebrates a year of Chance to Shine Success

As the Winter approaches, Kent Cricket Board can enjoy a very successful year of delivering cricket to School children in Kent, through the Chance to Shine Programme.

221 Schools have become engaged in the fully inclusive programme; a total attendance of over 70,000 children!

Dedicated and talented Kent Cricket Board Coaches have spent 214 hours training teachers to deliver cricket within their schools, as well as conducting 209 fully interactive MCC Spirit of Cricket Assemblies. Fully qualified Kent Cricket Board Coaches have coordinated over 3,600 hours of curriculum coaching for pupils to experience cricket, both indoors and outdoors in a format to meet the demands of the schools.

Kent School children have played in over 7, 0000 competitive cricket matches, implementing rules, scoring and experiencing various formats of the game, achieving a positive perception of the game underpinning the values seen in the Spirit of Cricket.

Kent Schools participated in an Australian themed Ashes National Cricket Day, with the provision of cross-curricular plans; from Geographical cricket exercises, engaging assemblies and competitive cricket tournaments.

Kent Cricket Board with Chance to Shine has enabled thousands of school aged children to benefit from cricket; with the accolade that Chance to Shine is now the biggest School initiative in the UK.

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