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Funding and Fundraising

We cannot think of a club which doesn't have a need for funding. More is available at the moment than at any other time in cricket’s history. But you have to be pro-active and chase it down. No one will come to you with a present of cash. This is the place to start looking.

Please note that the influence of Kent Sport is limited to the administrative county of Kent, while others are limited to those in the Metropolitan Kent region. The Metropolitan Kent region is further subdivided into Pro-Active East London (covering Greenwich, Lewisham and Bexley) and Pro-Active South (covering Bromley).

Many schemes have other conditions imposed on the type of funding, eligibility and other criteria.

Please see the links below for further details on a variety of bodies who are able to support or provide funing for Cricket Clubs.

For further information and support on Club Development and Funding please contact one of the Cricket Development Team.

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