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Indoor Cricket

indoor cricket

For more information, read Cricket for all seasons - a feature article on indoor cricket. Or contact at the Kent Cricket Board.

To find out more about where you can play Indoor Cricket - see the dedicated site run by 

There are two main formats of indoor cricket, one played with a soft ball & tension net, and one with a hard ball:

Indoor cricket - soft ball/tension net

Indoor cricket played on a specially designed ‘tension net’ indoor court with a softer leather ball is played by teams of eight people and has different rules to the traditional game.

Some of the rules:
  • 16 overs per side
  • Each pair bats for four overs
  • Every player bowls two overs
  • Every wicket is a deduction of five runs from the score
  • The non-striker’s crease is halfway down the wicket
  • There’s a specially-adapted, soft, leather ball

  • Fast, fun and open to all
  • The tension net makes it faster and the softer ball makes it more appealing for people with no cricket experience to get involved
  • Minimal kit is needed, just bat and gloves
  • No weather or lights restrictions
  • Game only takes about 90 minutes
  • Game can be played by children and adults with national leagues for men, women and boys (there are international, national and local leagues for men, women, boys and masters but the game can also be played informally by anyone at any of the centres.
It can be played at any of the nine national indoor cricket centres in: Bristol, Canary Wharf, Derby, Gillingham, Ipswich, Leicester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Wolverhampton.


44Two Sports and Social, Featherby Road,Gillingham, Kent ME8 6AN


Play On Sports, Prestons Road, Wood Wharf, London E14 9SB
Tel; .

Indoor cricket - Hard Ball

Indoor cricket played in a sports hall or indoor venue no smaller than 100 x 60 x 20 ft with a regular cricket ball by teams of six people. It has the same rules as the traditional game.A roll down mat is used for the wicket. 

  • There are no weather or lights restrictions
  • The indoor game offers the opportunity for current players to keep their fitness and skill levels up through the winter months
  • The game can be played in any indoor facility that is large enough
Some of the rules:
  • 12 six ball overs per side
  • No more than three overs can be bowled by any one player
  • If a team loses five wickets within their 12 overs the last player continues batting with the fifth out player remaining at the wicket as a non striker
Aimed at people who have played some form of cricket before, often club cricketers play in the winter. There is a regional and national six a-side indoor club competition.

It can be played at any indoor sports hall or facility that is at least 100 x 60 x 20 ft height.

Variations of indoor cricket

Other forms of indoor cricket are also played by boys and girls in schools and indoor sports halls; these games are mainly played with a rubber ball and plastic bat and wickets.  runs under 13 and under 15 indoor competitions for girls.

The game can be adapted and played by anyone indoors in a more informal way.


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