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Secondary Cricket Programme

As of 2012, the Kent Cricket Board have a specific remit through Chance to Shine to engage with Secondary Schools through the development of Satellite Clubs, which we locally refer to as our 'Kent Cricket Board Hub Clubs'.

Our Hub Clubs are Cricket Clubs for young people, based at a school site with strong links to the neighbouring Cricket Clubs, ensuring that the young people we introduce to Cricket have the opportunity to continue playing away from the school.

Each Hub Club is hosted by a school, but opens its doors to all young people in the Community, as well as promoting itself to the network of nearby schools. In many cases we are seeing the neighbouring schools mini-bussing their young people to the Hub Club to take part. 

At each site, we are primarily looking to engage with the non sporty and those who don't feel confident in playing traditional hardball cricket, adapting the game in line with what the young people tell us. We then encourage all of the schools involved to enter our Chance to Compete: Super Eights competition which is an entry level hardball competition, with 8 players per team and only 7 overs per innings.

Away from the playing of Cricket, each Hub Club is delivered and monitoring by one of our Community Cricket Coaches. Part of their remit is to establish a Junior Cricket Committee and generate the key feedback and requests from the young people. We then with the help of the committee and teachers identify the young people who would like to and benefit from taking the Cricket Activator course.

For more information on our Secondary School Programme, please contact  or call .

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