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    ClubMark is a cross-sport quality accreditation for sports clubs with junior sections. According to research conducted by the Northwest Regional Development Agency in 2004, three-fifths (60.5%) of young people belong to a sports club outside school. It is vital that these clubs serve young people well.

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    Affiliation to the Kent Cricket Board is compulsory in order to clubs to enter a number of leagues, a requirement for the majority of funding streams and can also be required for certain aspects of club insurance. Yet more importantly, the Kent Cricket Board is your local source of information and support for all aspects of being a Cricket Club. For the full breakdown of affiliation packages and to find out which is best suited to your club, please see the download below.


       Affiliation Packages


    We are constantly looking to add to the ways in which we can support clubs, both in day to day operations of the Board but also through external partners and bodies. Current examples of these include the Groundsmans Association (KCB GA)  and the Emergency Fixtures Bureau. Please see additional links below for further information.

    Further details and to upgrade your affiliation please Jim Cheeseman or telephone on .

    Payments of Affiliation Fees to: -

    Liz Hodgson
    "Kent Cricket Board Ltd"
    25 Lambarde Drive
    Kent TN13 3HX

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